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Request a Letter of Support

CACV mission and purpose is to facilitate collaborative partnerships among public health agencies, private organizations, cancer centers, other interested agencies and organizations, and individuals and families to carry out recommended cancer control activities. To support this vision, the following protocol was developed for our partners requesting a letter of support.

Timeline: Requests should be received a minimum of ten business days prior to the requested Letter of Support completion date. Incomplete requests or requests submitted with less than ten business days’ notice are not guaranteed to be reviewed by the executive board.

Please use the Letter of Support Request Form to submit the following:

  • Primary contact and organization information
  • Grant information: name of the funding organization and web address/link for full funding announcement/request for proposal/request for applications
  • An executive summary or abstract of the project proposal that clearly describes the project and the rationale
  • Examples of alignment to the State Cancer Plan
  • The date by which your organization requires the letter

A sample letter of support must be included with the completed request form. CACV reserves the right to revise or rewrite the letter. However, it is the requestor’s responsibility to ensure that all of the required elements are clearly stated.

CACV reserves the right to not provide a letter of support if the request does not conform to the submission guidelines outlined in this protocol or if the proposed project is not consistent with CACV priorities.