Virginia Cancer Plan

Action PlanThe 2013-2017 Virginia Cancer Plan is a working document and provides a framework that includes key goals and strategies to eliminate preventable cancers and minimize deaths and disabilities. CACV partners with the Virginia Comprehensive Cancer Control Program at VDH to implement goals, objectives and strategies outline in the Virginia Cancer Plan. Download the complete plan (1.5mb). To visit the VACCCP, go to


Cancer in Virginia Report 2015

Prepared in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health-Division of Policy and Evaluation and Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

Cancer in Virginia Report 2015Featured cancer sites were chosen based on the top commonly diagnosed cancers. It can be used as a tool when thinking about project implementation. The intention is to have this report updated each year to also include any emerging issues moving forward.


Governor's ReportGovernor's Report

By order of House Joint Resolution No. 56 of the Virginia General Assembly, the Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia is required annually to submit an update on activities and accomplishments related to addressing cancer issues in the Commonwealth.


CACV BylawsGovernor's Report

Click on the image to review a copy of the CACV Bylaws in PDF format.


About CACV

The Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia began as the Cancer Plan Advisory Committee in 1998, when the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) convened a small group to begin writing a statewide cancer plan. Once the plan was completed, VDH received funding for a Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control project from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 2003, the Cancer Plan Advisory Committee became the Cancer Plan Action Coalition (CPAC) of Virginia and a transitional executive board was formed to oversee development of by-laws and ensure implementation of the cancer plan. CPAC continued to grow and in 2005 the first elected executive committee took office. Teleconferencing capabilities allowed for volunteer members to attend quarterly meetings in five regions of the Commonwealth. In 2012, the name was changed to the Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia, the organization became a 501c3, and work began on the third version of the Virginia Cancer Plan. CACV action teams and numerous public health and cancer experts provided suggestions and ideas for all plan editions. The purpose of the CACV is to facilitate statewide collaborations of organizations and individuals to focus on activities related to objectives contained in the state plan.

Membership in the volunteer coalition includes representatives of both National Cancer Institute-designated Clinical Cancer Centers in Virginia, the American Cancer Society, VDH , foundations, community groups, medical associations, national cancer coalitions, the General Assembly, hospitals, cancer survivors, universities, health insurance companies and community medically-related groups.

Action Teams

Prevention: This Action Team focuses on the individual or group-centered behaviors and interventions that reduce one’s risk of developing cancer. Prevention of cancer includes following specific dietary recommendations, being physically active, non-use of tobacco products, and reduction of exposure to tobacco smoke, ultraviolet radiation and other carcinogens.

Early Detection: This Action Team focuses on early detection (such as by use of screenings) of cancer in asymptomatic individuals.

Treatment: This Action Team focuses on strategies of treating cancer while maintaining the highest quality of life .

Survivorship and Palliative Care: This Action Team focuses on maximizing the quality of life for people living with cancer as well as survivors of cancer who suffer long-term or permanent side effects from the disease. It also addresses maximizing the comfort of cancer patients.

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