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80% by 2018 colorectal cancer screened

What is Patient Navigation?

Knowing the cancer screening tests and where to get them is confusing; receiving a cancer diagnosis can be frightening. It helps to have someone guide you through the journey. From knowing the resources in your area for screening tests and help in getting them, to explaining what comes next in your journey and finding the resources that an individual needs for survivorship, a patient navigator will help you!

Virginia Cancer Patient Navigator Network

(VaCPNN) represents Navigators across the state who strive to eradicate barriers and enhance outcomes for patients, families, and the healthcare team through education, networking, and mutual support. For more information about VaCPNN and navigation, or if you are interested in joining VaCPNN, please visit us on Facebook.


VACPNN thanks the Virginia Department of Health Comprehensive Cancer Control Project and Danville Regional Medical Center for making the Navigation pages possible.


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