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CACV Board Nominations

Dear CACV members,

We have just returned from an amazing conference. We hope that, if you were able to attend the conference, you learned a lot.

Our next quarterly meeting is on December 10, 2015, at that time, we will vote on new Board members.

We would like to invite the membership to nominate potential board members. Based on the CACV by-laws:

Members may nominate candidates, as long as the candidates are current voting members of CACV, which means they have participated in at least two general membership or Action Team meetings. Candidates must also agree to be nominated, and shall provide a résumé or curriculum vitae to the Nominating Committee outlining previous and current experience serving in leadership positions.

Nominations need to be submitted to the nominating committee by November 12, 2015.

Please submit any nominations to Geri Adler at geri.adler@vdh.virginia.gov no later than November 12, 2015.

The members of the nominating committee are myself, Rita Miller and Robert Noriega.

About Us

Cancer Action Coalition of Virginia is a 501c3 dedicated to serving Virginians interested in cancer issues including prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship/palliative care, surveillance and equity and equality.

Coalition members include cancer survivors, caregivers and advocates as well as members of the state and local governments, community coalitions, non-profit organizations, universities, the cancer research community, and the health, medical and business communities.

Membership benefits include:

• Networking with others interested in cancer issues

• Sharing cancer resources

• Serving the community

• Learning about new programs, best practices, cutting edge issues, new policies

• Meeting and working with experts in the field

• Supporting legislative initiatives

• Raising awareness of cancer issues throughout the Commonwealth

• Having access to information and resources

• Making community connections

• Uniting to provide a larger voice for supporting change



News In Brief

CACV Conference: Highlights from the CACV conference speakers are now available on our Conference page!

CACV Board Nominations: We would like to invite the membership to nominate potential board members. Read more.

Next CACV Quarterly Meeting: The next CACV quarterly meeting will be on Thursday, December 10, 2015. Read more.


CACV Quarterly Meeting

June 11, 2015





Palliative Care

Leslie Blackhall

University of Virginia Health System


Patient Navigation

Messina Corder and Regina Kenner-Mary

Mary Wasthington Healthcare



Pamela DeGuzman

University of Virginia


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